Yesterday’s Results

11 Jan

Yuh, I have a tiny problem 😀 I’m at my boyfriends flat, and have nothing to knit here! We started on a huuuge miniature project yesterday, so I thought I’d leave all my knitting at my own place so I could concentrate on painting. That was all fine and nice yesterday, when my better half was actually here, as well, but now I’m alone and don’t really feel like painting. Instead I’m browsing the intertubes and adding tens of new patterns into my Ravelry queue.

We didn’t really get that far with the new project, the Assault on Black Reach box (a friend of the bf’s is going to buy the Orks in the box, and we’re keeping the Space Marines) but I’m still excited. The miniatures are plastic, and therefore in my opinion much more difficult to paint than metallic ones… This just means I’ll have to be a lot more patient than normally.



Here’s a Dreadnought 🙂 We’re leaving him and other special characters for  the last, so I will have interest in painting the other troops as well.

Now, I’ve never painted anything like Space Marines before. I’ve always loved anything and everything beautiful and natural, like these Woodelf  Spellsingers that are among my latest projects:

Woodelf Spellsinger

Woodelf Spellsinger

One in a wooden theme, and another disguised for a winter in the woods:

Woodelf Spellsinger

Woodelf Spellsinger

That’s why the Space Marines turned out to be a huge challenge for me. We’ve chosen to paint them as Black Templars, and it turns out, that even though the black armour looks really simple (almost as if it hasn’t been painted at all) it’s very difficult to paint so that it looks stylish and dangerous. So here’s my first attempt at a Terminator:



Since the armour is so simple, all the details *have* to be perfect, which they’re not, not yet.

I should really be studying for an exam on didactics. Maybe I’ll do that after creating a page for my old projects. I think I’ll also come up with a way of giving the pictures of miniatures some perspective of size. Like this Terminator dude, who’s about 4 cm high.


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