Revontuli revisited

16 Jan

Here we go 🙂 I’m so in love with this yarn and this pattern.

Revontuli in the makings

Revontuli in the makings

Originally I had decided I wouldn’t knit this much this week, but I simply couldn’t resist yesterday after coming home from yoga (I was pretty relaxed and didn’t feel like doing much apart from sleeping or knitting). I had some trouble winding the yarn because I did it alone and got it all entangled in a huge mess… It was the biggest knot I’ve ever seen.

This is my second Revontuli shawl, and this time ’round the beginning is even more promising than the last!

Last time I think I used larger needles, 6mm I believe. Now I’m going with 5,5mm and it seems to be a good choise. The yarn I’m using now is better as well. It’s more concise in quality and, well, doesn’t stink 😦

Last time I didn’t use Evilla – actually I don’t know what the yarn was called. I ordered it online and the label only mentioned the mass and weight of the yarn and that it was 100% wool, nothing else. I had no difficulty believing it was 100% wool, but I wouldn’t have believed it was a sheep’s wool and not a dog’s, based on the smell 😦 A good soak in water and conditioner took care of that, but while I was knitting the smell irritated my throat. Nice. I didn’t much like thinking about scrapi while knitting 😛

Anyway! All is better now 🙂 Now I’m also doing the increases right (ie. not using yarn overs all the time), so that they don’t leave holes. Well. Better wrap this up and continue knitting 😉


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