Without a song and a dance and a camera who are we?

22 Jan

I have a new friend! It’s called decopage. I’m dying to show you what I made, but unfortunately I don’t have my camera here. I also have new speakers, which my brother built and I painted. I found music again 🙂 Sound quality is actually important… when it goes from horrible to quite good, that is.

The Revontuli shawl is nearly done. The last 10 rows are so long that it takes me forever to complete them, especially since I haven’t had time to knit more than a couple of rows in one go. I want to start a new project, preferably something quick like mittens.

Also I gather the bf and I have decided not to paint our Space Marines as Black Templars after all. I couldn’t be happier 🙂 I’m sick and tired of painting things black. I want to see vivid colours and clear details.


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