All done!

26 Jan

Yay, my new Revontuli shawl is finished!

Revontuli shawl

Revontuli shawl

Well, apart from blocking and sewing in yarns. Also, the colours don’t show right. I’ll need day light to capture them.

I used 141 grams of Evilla yarn. 61 grams of the skein were left unused. The patterns says the shawl takes up about 200 grams, so it’s a bit strange how I managed to save so much of it.   I’m thinking I might knit some kind of mittens with the leftovers from this yarn and the brown yarn I used for the other Revontuli shawl I’ve knitted. We’ll see how that goes, if I ever get around to it.

Speaking of mittens, though… Last Thursday I was a bit bored with big projects, and wanted to knit something quick. So I took some 7veljestä and Florica, and knitted this basic mitten, which is still missing a pair.





7veljestä is a lot thicker than Florica, but it the finished product you can’t really tell. This close up is a bit more revealing.


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