Book happiness!

30 Jan

I now officially hate this blog site 😀 At least for a while. I’m not one to hold a grudge. What happened? I wrote a huge entry about my new books, gushing and sighing, saying how wonderful they are… Pressed Save draft… and most of the draft was gone. Gone!

Well. I guess I’ll have to write again, feigning enthusiasm because I poured all my real enthusiasm into the last post which is now lost and alone, somewhere out there.

Well. Book happiness. The best kind of material happiness 🙂

Yesterday I was browsing teh intertubes with the intention of finding a great knitting book. I have a couple of those, but they are books for beginners, and I am now more interested in more advanced techniques, than cast on, knit and purl, as well as stitch dictionaries. Besides I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday. Needles and scalpels were involved. I’m am afraid to death of both needles and doctors, so it wasn’t a good day and I felt I deserved something nice for being such a brave girl.

I did find one of those books and it seemed promising, and because it only cost around 15€ (despite the fact it had been translated into Finnish, which normally rises the price), I ordered it promptly. I will soon be the proud owner of  the Encyclopedia of Knitting by Lesley Stanfield and Melody Griffiths. Later yesterday I popped by my other blog, and to my joy found that someone had in fact recommended that book for me. So I’m feeling pretty optimistic about it ^^

While I was doing teh browsing, I came across a book called Knitting New Scarves. Now, I’ve seen tons of these All Scarves! or All Bags! or 1001 Ideas for Scarves or Bags! books. I always pick them up, flip through them and hate them immediately. All the designs in them somehow manage to look horrible to me. They are simultaneously boring and unwearably hideously ugly.

But still I pick them up, every time, because I’m hoping I would actually see something new and inspiring in one of them. Now this book seemed interesting to me, possibly because the editorial review (which I’d never trust in a million years) promises it’s filled with new innovative techniques and ideas. Well, despite my interest I couldn’t order it, because it wasn’t available in my favourite online book store I was already ordering the Encyclopedia from (yup, I’m ending this sentence with a preposition, and no one can stop me, not even myself).

Well… to cut this story a tiny bit shorter, today I popped into a book store completely on a whim, and started browsing through some books on sale. I thought I wouldn’t find anything interesting there, I was just killing time. Guess what I found?! Yep! Knitting New Scarves, on sale for 9 euros! I grabbed it and quickly looked through it, and fell completely in love.

I’ve now looked at every design in the book, and I never thought I could be this excited about scarves. 😀 Every design is new, innovative and most importantly beautiful! At a glance it seemed the book presented so many new techniques it was almost scary. 25 of the 27 scarves in the book were ones I would love to own and to knit. It was a book that makes you want to drop everything, immediately run into the nearest LYS and buy everything and knit knit knit!

Now the only problem is which scarf to knit first 😀 Goodbye, ribbed scarves of boredom!


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