Exercises in crochet

1 Feb

Well, I’ve always wanted that cute Fat Bottom Bag in Stitch ‘n Bitch crochet. That book has a couple of other patterns I’ve been itching to try as well… but somehow I never got around to it. I felt I had so much to learn about crochet before I could tackle anything more complicated than a scarf, and the scarfs in the book and in other books are so uninspiring I just didn’t want to waste my time. I know – bad attitude.

Also, I have both Stitch ‘n Bitch – the knitter’s hand book and crochet in English. This presents a problem I didnt’ know existed until I bought the books: I never knew yarn thickness in English patterns is given as weights (?!) which have been given seemingly random names (?!), like Worsted or Sport. I’ve yet to find a good chart of how many meters per gram of yarn corresponds to any given weight.

This far I’ve knitted a few objects from patterns like that, and I’ve chosen my yarn solely on the look of the yarn used in the pattern. “How thick does it look? Looks about the same as this yarn. Well, here goes.” I’ve been too lazy to knit test patches, but I’ve been lucky (or just so darn good) and gotten good results, like with my Bunny back pack or Spirogyra mitts.

Well. With this yarn issue and my fear of crochet, I’ve had the Stitch ‘n Bitch crochet book in my shelf for like a year without ever starting one project in it (learning to make little patches of all the different stitches doesn’t count).

Which is why this week, on one miserable day I felt I needed cheering up, I just bought some yarn that looked about the right thickness, and a hook the size recommended for the yarn. The next day I just started to crochet. I didn’t bother with what size hook or what kind of yarn the pattern called for. I just did it, thinking I’d either get a small pouch, a purse or a sack – what ever was fine with me.

So here’s what I got 🙂

Fat bottom bag

Fat bottom bag

It’s only a little bit smaller than it should be. If I find handles that fit, it will make a great lil bag that can hold my cell phone, wallet, keys and some make up – perfect for a night on the town and exactly what I was going for. Yay \o/

It was a great feeling, realizing I’m able to follow crochet instructions. And it was fast and fun and easy, although I’m not perfect yet. I make loads of mistakes, but I don’t mind really. Kukaan ei ole seppä syntyessään, as they say.

I was so excited, in fact, that I dug up some of mom’s yarns and tried colour work crochet from the same book



Again, not perfect, but loads of fun 🙂

The yarn I used was acrylic, though, so I don’t think this can actually be used as a holder, but what ever! I did it for practice and for fun.


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