Knitted treats win sugar anytime

17 Feb

Here’s the thing: I’m trying to lose weight. It ain’t the first time either 🙂 I’ve wanted to lose weight for like 4 years now, but man am I bad at controlling what I eat. I just really like eating more than I should 😦 Well, now I’m counting calories again, at least until I get the hang of it again. I’ve completely abandoned all greasy, sugary treats and taken up eating loads of vegetables instead, and I’m already seeing some results after three weeks. I’m feeling good about this this time ’round.

What has this got to do with knitting? Well. I’m going to reward myself of course \o/ Not that being thinner and healthier isn’t reward enough in itself 🙂 But I figure, hey, the more things I find that give me motivation, the easier it will get.

So I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect cardigan and other things to knit once I hit certain mileposts on my road towards a skinnier me. And now I found it 🙂 It’s the Shalom Cardigan. It’s perfect because I like the way it’s knitted, and it’s pretty. Also it has short sleeves, so it’s quicker to knit than most cardigans. Also, once I lose weight (and gain muscle? mebbe one day) I can wear sleeveless things again because my arms won’t be flabby anymore 🙂 Also, I can’t knit this for myself right now, because I don’t like to modify patterns much and this pattern only comes in sizes S and M for a bust size of 32-35″ and mine’s like 40″ 😀

It might be I’ll still end up modifying the pattern, though, because I don’t think my bust will go down to that size no matter what.

I once saw a knitted skirt that I loved as well, and was going to knit, but it didn’t come in enough sizes either, so that might be another thing to wait for if I can find the pattern again.

I still have to find a nice something to knit once I hit my first milestone in three weeks. I’m thinking something small and cute, since I will only have lost 8 pounds then and that’s just a beginning.

If you’ve used knitting or something of the like as a source of motivation in losing weight, I’d very much like to know if it helped and how it all went 🙂


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