21 Apr

So… this is pretty embarrassing. It’s like bumping into an old friend and you don’t remember their name anymore 😉

Noo! I kid. The embarrassing bit is I haven’t written in ages. I hate it when I get a new blog into an excited start, but just in a few weeks or months I kind of stop writing and then forget about it, usually when I stop being so excited about the part of my life the blog’s about. Luckily, that’s not the case this time. I’ve merely been very very preoccupied with studying, and I have to say I’m not sad about this. But I didn’t stop knitting (during breaks, on buses, on lectures where no one minds, for 15 minutes before going to bed in the evenings). It’s amazing how much you can knit if you just drag the project along where ever you go.



I made this.



Pattern: Wisp

From: Knitty Summer 2007 issue

Yarn: Kitten mohair by  SandnesGarn

The pattern calls for kid mohair, but I couldn’t find it at first. So I went with the kitten mohair thinking, hey, how much thicker can this stuff be? It’ll be alright! Of course it turns out kitten mohair is quite a bit heavier than kid mohair. And so my Wisp is pretty different: heavier, fussier,  not as wispy. I don’t mind, I still like it. The only problem is, I wasn’t able to judge how many pattern repeats I should knit, because I had the wrong yarn. When I finally decided the thing was long enough, I realized I couldn’t block it, or it would stretch enormously.


It does stretch in use, as well, so at some point I’m going to have to give up and either rib part of it, try to shrink it or just wear it as a scarf. These things, apparently, happen. 🙂

I also knitted a plain, black ribbed sweater with raglan sleeves.

Raglan decreases

Raglan decreases

Ribbed sweater

Ribbed sweater

Pattern: Kaarrokekauluksinen ribbineule

From: Novita Spring 2008 issue

Yarn: 7 veljestä by Novita

I love the sleeves, they’re so long 🙂 The sweater though, hot as hell. I imagine it will be great next fall… but right now I’m working on something a bit more cool: a new cotton top for those hot summer days. Hopefully we’ll get some 🙂 The top is a present for myself btw, for losing my first 8 pounds, and going down one jean and shirt size. Yay for me!


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