The Drops Top and the World of Circular Needles

28 Apr

Lately I’ve been knitting this  lacy Drops Design cotton top.

Drops top

Drops top

It’s been a whole new experience simply because it’s knitted in the round. I can’t believe I never tried this before! I guess I just thought it would feel like the knitting is slower, because every row is twice as wide. Actually it feels like it goes faster. Not to mention I won’t have to sew side seams! This is bliss 😀 I don’t think I ever want to go back to the olden ways of knitting tops piece by piece – not if I can avoid it.

I had to get new needles for this project,  because for some reason I didn’t have 3 mm round needles already, even though I thought I was basically set for life when I got the KnitPicks Harmony Set for a Christmas present.

This time ’round I decided to try Addi needles. Man, I’m in love! The cable is as flexible as in KnitPicks and the nickel plated needles are maybe even more slippery than my wooden KnitPicks. After years of knitting with plastic and aluminium straight needles it still amazes me how fast knitting can get with wooden or nickel plated circular needles. Not to mention circular needles eliminate any tension to the shoulders. Now that the needles don’t slow me down, it’s just a matter of how fast my hands can move. 🙂

Now it’s time to knit some (I’m having a day off today). The top is almost done, only three shoulders to go. 🙂


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