Like a kid in a candy store

5 May

Except I’m a girl in Ravelry. Ravelry simply has too many interesting patterns stuffed in one place. Whenever I try looking for something specific, I find myself queuing something completely different, because I have been happily clicking away, always finding new things I want to knit.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing. In my case it hasn’t resulted in tens of WIPs… yet. But I do on occasion start knitting something only to find something else has entirely captivated my heart and soul, and I have to rip what I’ve started to begin something new.

Now I’m trying to find a pattern for pretty, thin socks. I want to knit them for mothers’ day, to give them to mom. I keep running into beautiful shawls and I want to knit all of them for her, but then again… I’ve already given her like three shawls in a couple of years. Enough is enough?

I think socks and shawls will be the next big thing for me. I’m only just finding out about these really thin, light weight sock and shawl yarns. I’m simply amazed at some of the socks, knitted with tiny needles and massive amounts of stitches. I want to do that too! But where to begin… Ah, that’s the problem.

I will now continue my never-ending quest. Right now it seems like I’m going to go with something simple – time is running out.


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