18 May

I bumped into this knitting meme and decided to do it. Turns out I didn’t know some of the techniques I’ve used by name, but now I do! I decided to post the meme as a separate page because now it acts as another kind of list of things I want to do. I might even link some of the techniques I haven’t tried to tutorial pages at some point.

As I was googling all the techniques I wasn’t familiar with by name, I didn’t only learn some new terms. I also rediscovered two end knitting, a technique which an aunt of mine taught me about a year ago, and I then promptly forgot because I didn’t use it enough right after learning it. I couldn’t very well search for it on the Internet, either, because she didn’t have any name for it, it was just something that’s been used in the family for as long as she could remember. I feel like I’ve been reunited with a part of my history, my roots 🙂


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