Ogre Hunter WIP and something else

26 May

Oh man, what a great weekend! For the longest time I haven’t had time for miniatures, but now I simply had to make time. The bf spotted someone living in the same city selling a bunch of pristine miniatures on a forum for ridiculously low prices, and bounced at the chance. He got an ogre hunter and a tyrant. We started work on them right away. Right now the hunter only has a face and one of his sabretooth buddies is pretty much complete (although I think it could definitely be better).

Some stuffed sabre...teeth :D

Some stuffed sabre...teeth 😀

Some basic green stuff… stuff.  Both cats came with one leg and one paw detached, plus one of them was missing it’s head, so we pinned and green stuffed those parts in. We didn’t pin the front paws though because there wasn’t enough room for it, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to fall off at some point. I drilled right through the other sabretooth’s thigh when pinning, but oh well. That was easily fixed. And my finger will heal too 😀 (yuh I drilled through the thigh into my finger).

I’ve loved painting minitures from the get-go, but when I finally got to know green stuff and pinning and all the wonderful things they can do, the whole experience has gotten so much better. These days I can get disappointed if there’s nothing in a model that can be sensibly pinned or sculpted 😀

Before I knew green stuff, I would get huge holes where there’d been a molding mistake. Trying to ignore the holes doesn’t help: they simply spoil the fun of painstakingly painting. The solution: green stuff. And pinning just makes the models so much more durable. No more tears because models come back from gaming trips with their hands and heads detached, and the paint work has to be fixed over and over… Although one model’s plastic wing did crack because the heavy metal model fell wing first to the floor. The pin didn’t help that time.

Right now I’m also learning the fine art of filing away all molding seams. Pretty basic stuff, I know! It’s just that earlier I’ve been too anxious to start painting and I haven’t had the patience to prime the models properly… It took me two years of painting to realize the painting process itself will become much more pleasant if I only prime the models well.

Sabretooth version 1.0

Sabretooth version 1.0

Here’s my first take on the sabretooth. I was pretty pleased, but felt something was missing. In the clear light of the next morning I saw that sure enough, it simply looked unfinished. There wasn’t enough contrast, the details didn’t pop out, and the brown mouth and stripes simply looked dull and messy. I didn’t even take proper photos because I knew it was going to change anyway.

Sabretooth version 1.0

Sabretooth version 2.0

So I continued working on the shadows and highlights (in this case, since the miniature is white, highlights were a bit of a problem on the body itself, and I basically had to deepen the shadows only). I painted the details more carefully, and extended the blue tones of the shadows to other parts of the miniature as well.

I think it’s much better now, but it would still be great to make it even better.

After working on the Sabretooth and started on the hunter himself. I don’t know if this is something you’re supposed to do, but I usually always paint the face first and continue from there. So that’s what I did before I completely ran out of steam Saturday night.

Huntah face 1.0

Huntah face 1.0

This miniature seems really promising 🙂 I like the way the face turned out. Ogres are nice because they’re so huge that painting even the tiniest details is relatively easy.

I’m super excited about my camera again… because I finally got my paws on some promising tutorials on how to photograph miniatures. I learned all about light boxes and light sources and tripods and background colors and apertures and shutter speeds and everything! (Of course I didn’t learn everything, I’ll have to experiment first.) But I’m very excited about the prospect of *finally* getting some proper pictures of my miniatures.

Of course the sad thruth is not many of my miniatures are good enough to be photographed. On the other hand I’ve been thinking about this lately, and I’ve come to the conclusion there must be sites on the Internet where people do actually offer sincere help if they only see proper pictures of the miniatures… So. I need to start building a light box or getting my hands on some good table top lamps.

And for teh something else, here’s a box I gave to a friend as a house warming gift

Blue Belle

Blue Belle

It’s just a wooden box I painted with some generic hobby paint and a decoupage picture on top. But I think it’s pretty 🙂

That’s it for today.


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