Cables and bobbles and all the things I, apparently, love

22 Jun

Anyone up for two kinds of bobbles and two kinds of cabley patterns in one shrug? Sure, why not… This is a little strange coming from someone who likes their knitted garments pretty simple, but for some reason the picture in the magazine really sold this pattern to me. Sometimes that happens: I find myself knitting something I did not in a million years believe I would ever knit just because the picture in the magazine was that pretty. Or the model was anyway.

Even the colour I chose isn’t really me, but it is, no surprise here, the exact same colour as in the picture. This always happens to me if I shop from a catalogue: the top is sooo pretty on the model I have to have it, and never come to realise I’m not shaped like that model until I try the damn thing on. And lately this has been happening with knitted things as well.

Here’s the front piece until the whole thing is done.

Front piece

Front piece

Pattern: #39 Raglanpikkubolero by Minna Metsänen

Published in: Novita, summer issue 2009

Yarn: Tennessee by Novita

Well, anyway. It’s been real fun. At first I couldn’t understand what to do on the purl sides… The instructions were quite clear for the right side. After a day of wondering and asking several people for help on the Internet, I finally realised the same instructions applied for the purl side. Oops. I’ve never had trouble with similar instructions before, and I don’t know why I did now. The solution to my problem was so obvious, people didn’t even understand that I was asking about it and gave me all sorts of unrelated advice until I figured it out on myself.

I also did the increases on the back piece wrong simply because I didn’t understand what I had read (strange) *and* I managed to knit the two front pieces differently and had to rib some of the other one.

But yeah, five minutes ago I blocked the back and front pieces. I didn’t block the first sleeve I’ve knitted because I’m not sure I have enough yarn for the other one… Here’s hoping. The pattern comes in two varieties, one with long sleeves and the other with short ones. If I have to rib the sleeve I’ve knitted, I’m going to switch to the short sleeves even if it means showing off my flabby arms. 😀

The whole garment might end up too small anyway.. All in all it’s been really… interesting.


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