Time flies by

13 Jul

I’ve “only” 6 weeks of my summer vacation left.

The last two just flew by. I ended up spending two weeks back home, and not just one as I had originally planned. It was good for me, I got to really relax and do what ever I wanted.

I had brought with me loads of knitting projects, but in the end I didn’t knit all that much.

A few rows of my Sagittaria Shawl, two cotton hats and these mittens



Pattern: My own

Yarn: Puro by Novita

Colourway: Ruska

I’ve been aware of the new Novita yarns coming out, but I didn’t expect to find them in a grocery store in Kuusamo this soon.

When I did, I was simply blown away by the beautiful colours and soft feel of this yarn. I haven’t been as excited about a yarn, well, ever. (Btw, the colours don’t show right. My camera just can’t deal with the colour combination in this poor lighting…. but you get the idea.)

I really have trouble dealing with darkness. I get pretty depressed in the long, dark months of the winter. That’s why it’s a bit strange that autumn is my favourite of the seasons. The colours of foliage are so vibrant, and the air is clearer and easier to breathe. I love the cool, crisp autumn mornings, before everything becomes black and grey and smudgy.

I also love autumns because that’s when you get to wear all the soft and warm woolly mittens and scarfs and hats that, try as they might, just can’t keep you warm just a couple of short months later.

So when I saw this yarn, that is incredibly soft, in all the colours of foliage, I simply had to have it. It’s just yummy 🙂

But what else did I do all that time?

Well. I read a bunch of books. I baked a pie. I arranged our books alphabetically. And I sewed, sewed and then sewed some more.


I made these juggling balls! 3 sets of three, of varying sizes and weights, and then these two loners that still need friends. The first few ended up as pretty much oblong, but I soon got the hang of it. But then I decided I had to sew pillows.


First this thing I’m calling, for the purposes of this text, a sitting pillow, and then I was going to sew lots of those red pillows, but I ran out of time and came back to Oulu. I’m going to finish this project in a few weeks when I go back.

That red thing is a bed with a wooden cover you pull over the bedding, so that people can sit on it during the day. These beds were usually located in the family room in the olden days (well, the family room was actually where everyone slept and ate and generally hung around during winter time, so that’s why it was a good idea to cover the bedding). So this bed’s been in the family for a long time. It’s going to be pretty once mom renovates it, but chipped paint or no, it’s really uncomfortable to sit on. No more!

The sitting-pillow-thing, by the way, is made of corduroy, and padded with a blanket, a mattress protector and a sleeping pad, all cut down to size. It’s quite comfy actually. I’m proud it turned out so neat and even pretty.

This week I have to write an essay, knit one glove and finish the Sagittaria shawl, and run lots of errands before I’m off to Germany next week. It’s going to be a busy week, yay!


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