The Loot

1 Aug

I’m back from Germany!

Actually I came back last Monday, but it wasn’t until today that I got all the pictures from the trip.

We spent 4 days in Southern Germany, in the lovely city of Ulm. This kind person shared some inside information with me about local yarn stores, so I was able to be pretty efficient with my yarn shopping.

The Loot

The Loot

I’ve never bought this much yarn in one go before… *g* In retrospect it was a good thing I could only bring one bag on the plane – otherwise I would’ve spent all my money.

Anyway. I hadn’t looked up any specific patterns I wanted to find yarn for, so I just went for a few sock yarns and a couple of mohair blends. The unexpensive kind of course… I don’t even know why I bought the mohair blends – I don’t like them that much. In the end, I did have a great time shopping for yarn and I really don’t regret buying any of these yarns, so it’s all good.

I did especially like one yarn store (can’t remember the name of the street or the store, I suck at noticing that kind of things :() and bought two of these sock yarns there even though they were kind of out of my price range (that’s the Lang Jawoll and the Schoppelwolle Zauberball). I’m glad I did, because so far I’m completely in love with the Zauberball yarn.

A simple sock

A simple sock

I’m using a pattern called Ne on vaan sukat from Ulla. I’ve been collecting sock patterns, but they all seem to have some weird twist or new technique I’d have to learn, when all I want to do is start working on that lovely new yarn. And this pattern is perfect for just that. It’s easy, it’s simple, but it still looks more intricate than the most basic socks. So Yay!

Before I left I knitted a scarf to match the Foliage mittens below

Foliage scarf

Foliage scarf

I used Puro by Novita (colourway “Ruska”) and Primavera by teetee. I didn’t follow any pattern, I just knitted it based on all the pictures of scarves like this I keep seeing. Now I’m pretty much ready for autumn – all I need is a hat or beret to match the scarf and mittens.

I think that’s pretty much it. I’m still working on my Sagittaria shawl… Well. To be honest, I’m *not* working on it. I picked it up from my knitting basket yesterday but couldn’t be bothered to continue with it because I couldn’t immediately figure out what row or chart I should knit next.

It’s late and I meant only to take a brief pause from my essay writing… 1½ hours ago. Oops.


One Response to “The Loot”

  1. Vilma August 16, 2009 at 12:25 #


    kurjaa, että Sagittaria tuottaa ongelmia. 😦 Todennäköisesti kyse on silmukkamäärästä. Kaaviossa ei minun nähdäkseni ole virhettä, eikä tästä syystä ole aiemmin tullut kysymyksiä muilta.

    Nyt kannattaisi varmaankin laskea silmukat ja verrata niitä siihen, paljonko ohjeen mukaan silmukoita pitäisi olla tuossa kohtaa huivia. Jos tarvitset apua silmukoiden laskemisessa, niin kerro, kuinka monta kertaa olet toistanut kakkoskaaviota ja mä voin sen perusteella laskea, paljonko silmukoita pitäisi olla 3. kaavion rivillä 11. Meiliosoitehan tulee tässä kommentin yhteydessä. Eiköhän se ongelma siitä selviä ja saat huivin kunnialla valmiiksi. 🙂

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