A bad case of startosis

22 Aug

I’m going through this phase in my knitting, where I have tons of UFOs on my needles and nothing seems to be getting done. I think it’s because I’ve started way too many projects at once: I have my Sagittaria shawl, my Salida and Mad Color Weave socks plus fingerless gloves I promised to knit for someone a couple of months ago, my double knitted scarf… and I’m probably forgetting something. Also there’s the half a dozen other projects that I’ve stashed away at the back of my closets during the years. They still keep haunting me, nagging at me to finish them.

Another reason why nothing gets done is I seem to be spending more time searching for new patterns and admiring what others have done than actually knitting. I spend my money on knitting magazines and books – not on yarn so I could actually knit some of the patterns I keep drooling over.

I think there’s only two ways out of this situation. 1) I finish all my UnFinished Objects, or at least a couple or the most urgent ones before starting anything new or 2) I rib all the projects that don’t seem to be getting anywhere, stash the yarns and start searching for new adventures.

Well, the real answer will probably be something in between the two. I have to finish some of these things, and I think it might be good for me if I just rib some of the projects that don’t speak to me anymore… well, at least not for any other reason than to nag.

Actually the only thing that really excites me right now are kneesocks! In fact I have two pairs on the needles right now 😀

Jean lover's kneesocks

Jean lover's kneesocks

The pattern is called “Farkkunaisen polvisukat”, and it’s from the book Sukkasillaan by Kyllikki Mitronen. The darker socks are one of the projects I need to finish soon.

But what I really want to knit are these two wonderful, cute and stylish patterns: Q and bmp, both (coincidentally?) designed by Aija Goto… but I can’t right now because I want to start knitting Christmas gifts. Originally my plan was to make a couple of shawls and a couple of cardigans and so on, but seeing as it’s August… I think I’m going to choose something a bit less time consuming.

Especially since I want to make something for four people, who  have their birthday coming up before Christmas. Honestly I think I’m going to have to start giving store-bought gifts at some point – otherwise I’ll be knitting gifts all year long.

Now I think I’ll search for more cute kneesocks and then call it a night.


One Response to “A bad case of startosis”

  1. Buy Gift Ideas September 20, 2009 at 06:57 #

    Cute kneesocks!!!

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