Running away to live and fight another day

8 Oct

I give up.

I’ve tried four  different mitten patterns with these two yarns I have: Corallo by Anttila and Regia Stretch Crazy Color by Schachenmayr nomotta. The Corallo is a light gray and the Regia is a variegated yarn (it has dark and light blue, dark brown, black and white in it. But the combination isn’t crazy – the name’s a bit misleading).

Both yarns are pretty on their own. They look like they’d go together great – even now when the two yarns have defeated me repeatedly, they look like they belong together as they nestle there against each other, all innocent-like.

At first I figured hey, I have lots of color work mitten patterns for light yarns on my Ravelry queue and here I have these great yarns. So I tried to knit the Hippocampus mittens – twice. Then I tried the Squirrelly Swedish Mittens, the Icewine Mittens, these Egyptian mittens and Heather’s Mittens… what a waste of time. The patterns just won’t show up. The light gray of the other yarn is too close to the white and light blue of the other, and, as if that wasn’t enough to confuse the eye, the stripes the variagated yarn forms vary: the white lasts for one row, the black for four.

I’d post a picture showing what I mean, but in my frustration I’ve frogged all my attempts.

The good thing about this trial and error approach to mitten knitting is that now I know I *have* to finish a pair of Hippocampus Mittens and Heather’s Mittens. Oh and the Squirrelly Swedish Mittens also stole my heart.

Btw, don’t you just love Ravelry?! (if you don’t, you probably haven’t used it, so check it out. That is if you are into knitting in the first place.) Aaaanyway, today I wondered if there was a pattern for a double layered hat. I didn’t know what method of making a double layer I was looking for, I just knew I wanted the hat to have two layers. I’ve had many hat’s like that, store-bought ones. You can pull the lining out of the hat because it’s only attached at the hem(?) of the hat.

So I popped by Ravelry and typed “double hat” in the pattern search and *bam* found this: the Double Layer Sockyarn Hat. It’s only exactly what I was looking for 🙂 Fun! ^^


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