The Incredible Shrinking Gauge

31 Oct

I have the flu. I don’t think it’s oinkbarf, though, thankfully. Anyway, I’ve been too tired for these couple of days to knit anything that requires any amount of concentration. An unfinished pair of knee socks seemed the perfect project, so that’s what I picked up from my knitting basket.

Well, I finished the leg of the second sock and started to turn the heel… when I noticed something was off.


I noticed the second sock is like 2 cm smaller in circumference… What?! HOW!?

Had I cast on too few stitches? Nope, 72 stitches in both socks. Had I used different needles? That’s only possible if I’ve written down the wrong needle size (3 mm) when I wrote down how I knitted the first sock. A possibility, of course, but I kept the original needles together in a plastic bag with the first sock and the yarn, so it’s not likely.

The only explanation is that in the past two months, my gauge has become considerably tighter (from 2,1 stitches per cm to 2,5 stitches per cm, in fact). I find that strange, because something like this hasn’t happened since I first started knitting, when my gauge got looser with practise. This is kind of disturbing o.O I hope my gauge doesn’t continue to change this dramatically because it would be nice to be able to not knit a pair for a sock for a few months, if I didn’t feel like it, and still have it come out the same size as the first one when I finally do.

The sock is, of course, also shorter than the first one… But still I don’t think I’m going to rip it. These aren’t flashy socks and I’m not going to show off the whole leg anyway, so I don’t see why anyone would notice they don’t match when I’m wearing them. Both do fit me, so it’s ok… I guess.


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