12 Apr

Oh man, I haven’t updated since November. Nothing really dramatic happened in my life. Well, I got a negative comment in this blog, and that really threw me off. It affected me more than I believed possible, and really killed my motivation to update. You all know how it is? When you don’t get comments (mostly because you don’t comment other people’s blogs too much) and then the comment you do get is from some giant squid of anger.

Well, life hasn’t been quiet knitting-wise. Since my last update, I’ve finished a shawl and a shirt and other stuff too. But what I want to show you now is this:

my swift!

Isn’t it gorgeous? The original design came from the swift at The House at Two Palms.

A few weeks ago my brother and I went to Bauhaus, a huge hardware store, only to discover that they don’t sell some of the parts used in the swift pattern in Finland (actually he had been saying that all along, but I had ignored him as best I could). So my brother had to improvise and think of a way of building the thing from scratch right there in the hardware store (I just followed him around and carried all the parts).

We couldn’t find the T-connectors or the four-way cross connectors, so the four “arms” had to be connected in another way, and the upright pegs had to be made by glueing a length of pvc pipe on another length of pvc pipe. The difficult bit was drilling the holes for the adjustin’ screw so the holes in both pipes would align, but it worked out great.

Also, because we didn’t get the parts in the pattern, building the swift took quite a bit longer than expected. If you count the two hours or so we spent in the hardware store, it took about 10 hours… That’s a lot of time and effort my brother put in this thing. Also, a lot of fiddling and taking things into consideration that I don’t understand/remember went into the design/execution.

It’s great, then, that the swift works like a dream. I’ve bought a few new skeins just so I’d get to use the swift! 😀 It doesn’t wobble one bit. It will fit practically any size skein because the circumference around the four pegs can be altered between 109-200 cm,  or a peg (or two) can be removed entirely to fit really small skeins; I simply lift up the screw holding the two pvc pipes together, slide the outer pipe in the right position, and put the screw back in.



My brother says he might have over-designed the swift a bit, but I think the complicated axel is the reason the swift is so sturdy. He also made sure the bolts and stuff don’t come undone no matter in what direction I spin the swift, so that’s neat.

All the parts cost about 20 euros (oops) but that’s still a lot less than any commercially made swift I’ve seen.

In other more recent news, it was my birthday yesterday and as a birthday present my boyfriend paid for some yarn I ordered online… I can’t wait for the three skeins of Evilla yarn to come! I’m super excited 🙂 I’ll get to use the swift again! 😀 I want to knit another Revontuli shawl, and I saw a Swallow tail shawl knitted with Evilla artyarn that was beautiful.

I tried to pick new colours because I’ve already knitted three shawls with Evilla artyarn in shades of green and brown.

That’s all folks!


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