Finished Panache

6 May


Pattern: Panache

Yarn: Evilla Artyarn (8/2), ~ 200 g

Colorway: A-46

Needle size: 4,5 mm – 5,5 mm


Yay, it’s finished! Erm, actually I finished it two weeks ago, but I’ve been to busy with other (secret) knitting projects to update 😉 I didn’t measure it but it’s big. I like the way it sits on my shoulders, it stays put pretty well.

At first I couldn’t figure out how to wear it around my neck under my jacket because of its round shape, but after a bit of experimentation I’m able to pull it off.  The yarn smells like sheep pretty strongly and that’s another reason why I haven’t worn the shawl around my neck too much. Don’t get me wrong, I love the smell of wool – just not that close to my skin.

And anyway, it’ll soon be too warm outside to wear this shawl. It’ll be nice when fall comes in a few months time and I can wrap this beauty around my shoulders on those cold nights 🙂

Color changes

I was at first a bit worried about the crochet cast off & border. I have nothing against crochet, but I don’t trust my skills that much. Luckily it turned out great! 🙂 A little bit girly for my tastes, maybe, but I can live with that.

My only complaint is the blocking results aren’t all they could be. I need more pins… And one of those real blocking mats wouldn’t hurt either.

Anyway, I think this shawl may well be the prettiest thing I ever knitted.

It’s nice how the color changes in the yarn coincide with the changing lace patterns. Of course entirely by coincidence.

Well, that’s all folks!


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