Hey, what’s up?

14 Sep

Over the summer I’ve been thinking about this blog quite a lot, and today I finally decided to make a few changes.

I’ve hidden the pages to my old projects, and more importantly, to my miniatures. I would like to share my adventures with the miniatures in the future, but not until I figure out a better way of taking pictures of them.

I also hid the old knitted projects because they were too old and didn’t have anything to do with what my hobby is like now.

I’ve been steadily knitting on, but haven’t been updating as I often find myself using Ravelry as a sort of blog. Then I feel silly writing the same things here. I still have to decide how I will continue with this whole blogging thing. I don’t want to delete this blog, but there’s no sense in being even a tiny bit stressed about something like this.

Maybe I’ll try a new approach and find it more enjoyable in the future. We’ll see! It might just be that my new approach will be the same one I had when I started this blog: writing exactly what pleases me and not worrying about what anyone else thinks. I like the sound of that!


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