All’s Well That Ends Well

18 Sep

My birthday present for mom this year provided me with an ample measure of excitement.

I’ve wanted to knit Q for a while. It’s a stranded color-work sock pattern that to me is nicely modern and kind of different. I even bought yarn for it last winter (two balls Sisu from Sandnes Garn. It’s a fingering weight wool and nylon blend). It was an impulse purchase, and it wasn’t until a lot later that I started wondering if I had enough yarn…

I don’t often buy yarn without having a specific project in mind for it, but that doesn’t mean my stash isn’t full of yarn without a purpose in its life.

This happened to the Sisu as well, as I forgot about the Q socks for a long while. This was a blessing in disguise, because months later I happened to buy another ball of the exact same colour as the main colour I had originally chosen for the socks.

When the time came to knit mom something for her birthday, I went through my stash, and remembered this pattern when I saw the Sisu I had bought. Then I looked up the actual pattern, and realized I really didn’t have enough. Fine, I thought. I’ll find another, similar yarn in my stash, and make tri-color Q socks, somehow. Imagine my surprise and happiness when I stumbled upon the third ball of Sisu 🙂


Socks Socks!

Pattern: Q by Aija Goto

Published in Knitty

Yarn: Sisu from Sandnes Garn (50 g = 160 m), 3 balls

Needles: 2,5 mm

3 balls wouldn’t have been enough, but luckily I was paranoid enough about running out of yarn that I knitted less of the leg chart repeats than the pattern instructed (2 repeats before the decrease chart, 1 repeat after it).

And then I was worried I wasn’t knitting knee highs, since, you know, I wasn’t doing all the repeats. But luckily, my mom seems to like the length just fine.

I just love how my memory of a gold-fish saved this project. I can see myself even now, going in that yarn shop twice, seeing that yarn and wanting it, twice, trying to choose what colors I’d like to buy, and buying the same exact color – twice. Haha. I crack myself up.


2 Responses to “All’s Well That Ends Well”

  1. redfear September 19, 2010 at 01:28 #

    they’re lovely!

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