Yarn, Meet Pattern

21 Sep

I’m in luck! I think I know what this yarn wants to be.

Evilla Artyarn 8/2, A-52, 205 g

Last spring  I got three skeins of Evilla Artyarn as a birthday gift from my boyfriend. All in different color ways. At first I was itching to knit shawls all the way, all the shawls my little heart desired. And I did knit a Panache and it is beautiful, but the two other skeins are still waiting around. These yarns just didn’t speak to me.

I’ve been searching Ravelry to see if I could knit some sort of top, maybe a t-shirt. Something small, as I only have around 200 grams of each of the color ways and they don’t really go together. I haven’t found anything that wouldn’t require me to change the yarn, and I’m leery of doing that. I’m so impulsive that making big changes to a pattern rarely works out for me, and I accept this.

But then yesterday I saw that the new issue of Käsityö, an Estonian crafts magazine, is out. I snuck a peek and saw one cute little lacy t-shirt/top, knitted from what looked like Evilla Artyarn. Upon further inspection, it turned out that

  1. the yarn used in the pattern is indeed Evilla Artyarn in the same weight I have
  2. I have exactly the right amount of yarn for the pattern (which includes a little bit extra, but not too much)
  3. the pattern comes in two sizes , one of which fits me
  4. I fit the size chart the magazine uses perfectly, ie. I’m not in between sizes
  5. it’s knitted top down without seams, and I’ve wanted to try this technique for a long time.

That’s a lot of pieces fitting together. This seems like a sign: the knitting goddess is smiling upon me.

And this time, I’m going to be wise. For the first time in my life I’m going to swatch properly. I will knit a huge swatch, and block it, and then measure it. I’m going to feel how the swatch feels – would I like wearing a whole garment made out of this fabric? I will be very thorough and honest when I count the stitches, and I will knit another swatch if the gauge isn’t right, and block, and so on. No cutting corners this time.

Then I will take the pattern, and draw a schematic of the pattern for myself. It doesn’t have one. Based on my careful calculations I will draw a picture of the sweater to be, one that indicates how big the thing is going to be in all the strategic places. I will then make any necessary adjustments very, very carefully.

And then, and only then, I will cast on.

When the time comes, wish me luck.


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