22 Sep

There’s something about some stranded colorwork patterns that make the knitting easier… Sometimes it’s just easier to maintain an even gauge and to get neat results. This was definitely one of those patterns.

Pattern: Musica

Published in Coala näht und strickt

Yarn: Sisu from Sandnes Garn, colorway 6755

Yarn: Evilla Artyarn 8/2, colorway A-52

Needles: 3 mm


I also like the idea of these mitts: the looong wrist and the short palm. I used to play the piano, and would’ve really appreciated these back then. My left wrist often ached and the only thing that helped was wool yarn wrapped around my wrist a few times. And as I wish to some day continue playing the piano but can’t do anything about that dream right now, knitting these was somehow consoling.

What I didn’t like about this knit was my yarn choise… This was one of those times when I had to begin NAO and I only had these yarns in fingering weight. The Sisu was fine, as always, but the Evilla Artyarn was getting a little too light by the end of the second mitt, so the lighting has to be pretty good for any contrast between the colors to be visible. Also, the Evilla is pure wool and wasn’t quite slippery enough for stranded colorwork.

Despite this, these are my favorite accessory this fall, by far. I never understood the point of mitts, but after finishing these I’ve found out they’re the best thing since sliced bread. They keep my hands just warm enough now that the weather is getting a bit chilly, but allow me to use my hands unlike any gloves, let alone mittens. They even give more freedom of movement than fingerless gloves. Maybe that’s why I cast on two other pairs of stranded colorwork mitts immediately after finishing these… But that’s another post, or two.


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