I’m scared of people with needles

23 Sep

I’m a bit of a hermit by nature, but sometimes it starts to bug me. That’s when I get it in my head that I should definitely attend a knitting group asap. Because everybody says people meet people through their hobbies, right?

But then the doubting begins.

What could I possibly think to say? Will I fit in? What do people do at these events, anyway? Will everyone else already know each other and unknowingly shut me out? What are the chances of someone else new being there? Are knitting groups closed groups: no new members are really admitted? If I feel horrible and lonely at the meeting, can I just up and leave or would that be horribly rude?

I usually just conveniently forget about the meeting I was planning to go to, and so avoid having to face my fear and shyness. Geez, I don’t know.

Whenever I hear about knitting groups, they seem like stable groups of friends. I imagine it would be pretty awkward to try to join a close-knit group like that.

Being uncertain is the worst. Please, reassure me. What was your first experience in a knitting group like?


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