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27 Sep

Meet my new favorite mittens. I’m a total geek so these were right up my alley. And a little less intimidating to begin than a weighted companion cube.

Pattern: Mushroom mittens

Designed by Kamilla Svanlund

Yarn: Nalle from Novita (DK/8 ply, 100 g = 260 m)

Needles: 3 mm


Once again I chickened out and didn’t do the intarsia. It just never works out for me. I have no idea what I should do differently to make it work. Every time  intarsia is used in a pattern I’m working on, I do try it, but I haven’t gotten any better at it. So I guess practise usually makes perfect.

This time my inability to do intarsia wasn’t a problem because the mushroom motif was small enough for me to sew it on. I did it before starting the decreases to make the needlework easier. Doing this creates a thicker fabric but I actually kind of like how it feels to the back of the hand.

But I do have one problem with these mittens, and it’s a problem I have with most mittens that have some sort of image on the back of the hand.

It’s that the motif is placed dead center of the mitten, which means that when the mitten is worn it actually looks like the motif is off-center! The thumb always pulls the fabric to the side. Then I have to look at asymmetrical mushroom placement.

I should just move the motif a little to the side when knitting something like this. Problem solved.

In all other regards it’s a great pattern (fun and quick) and the mushroom is perfect 🙂


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