Procrastination socks

29 Sep

I meant to study these last couple of days and then didn’t, but at least I got a new pair of socks out of it. I begun these back in June, but became victim to The Curse of The Lonely Sock. Meaning I couldn’t bother to knit the other one what with all those other newer and shinier projects piling up.

That is, until last Monday. In a rare moment of self-discipline I decided I had to finish these sock right now, if not sooner, and did (ironically at the expense of studying…)

Pattern: Kalajoki (links to Ravelry)

Yarn: Nalle from Novita, 1 skein, 100 g = 260 m

Needles: 3 mm


This is a brilliant pattern. It’s not overly complicated – I soon learned the meandering pattern by heart – but it offers just enough challenge to keep it a little bit more interesting than an average regular sock.

I’m glad the fabric in these socks is pretty dense but not too hard. I’m hoping this means these socks won’t stretch too much, as my socks are wont to do.

When knitting the first sock (back in June) I didn’t do the toe decreases used in the pattern. I think I chose not to because I was using 5 dpn’s instead of 4 like in the pattern, and by the time I got to the decreases I couldn’t figure out where a row would’ve started had I used 4 needles.

Of course this lead to me ripping back the toe decreases in the second sock way too many times before I finally figured out how I had done them before. Being able to read your knitting usually helps in situations like this, but somehow I got really confused. Alcohol might have been involved in the accident. Anyway, now I’m off to bed because tomorrow I really do need to study…


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