Frog this stitch!

10 Oct

So someone asked me to knit them a shawl a while back, and my plan was to knit them a Revontuli. I started knitting it a couple of weeks ago but the project never really took off… Something was wrong.

Apparently, a slightly fuzzy alpaca yarn + subtle texture created with increases and decreases = no stitch definition whatsoever.

And it turns out I quite like some stitch definition.

I ripped back and began anew.

It’s still technically a Revontuli, but I’ve been knitting it in plain stockinette instead of the increases and decreases that I hoped don’t affect the shape.

Now I’m not so sure.

Actually, now I’m pretty sure those decreases and increases in the middle of chart 2 are, in fact, what causes the edge of the shawl to have that distinctive “northern lights” shape.

Gah, now I don’t know. I have to think about this… I may have judged the first attempt too quickly. Maybe the stitch definition would’ve gotten better once I was past chart 1 and a few more rows of chart 2, when there’s more of stockinette stitch inbetween the shaping bits.

I think I might have to frog again. Well, if it’s worth doing it’s worth over doing doing right.


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