Warm and fuzzy Northern Lights

12 Oct

My ball of Varpu from Novita (aka the fluffy ball of fluffyness the boyfriend gave me) is turning into a simplified version of the Revontuli/Northern Lights shawl

What is it with me and all the Revontuli shawls lately? I guess I just like the shape better than any other, and haven’t seen a lot of other shawl patterns that aren’t triangular, rectangular or round.

I’m copying the basic shape, but I’m leaving out the decreases and increases other than the ones that make up the 8 sections of the shawl. This might create a more rounded edge, but I’m ok with that.

I’m also using yarn overs for increasing, since I’m using a fuzzy yarn in bulky weight and am not interested in struggling with it any more than I have to. The yarn does stick to itself like crazy.

This promises to be the kind of mindless knit I’ve missed lately. It’s been a while since I had a project I could knit in the dark so I haven’t been able to watch movies and knit simultaneously. This seriously and grievously cuts down either movie watching or knitting time. Also, I like the idea of just knitting along until I run out of yarn: what ever size the shawl turns out to be will be the perfect size. I’m secretly hoping for huuuuge. I think this will be the perfect warm shawl for wearing around the house on those cold winter nights ahead.

The approaching winter means two things knitting-wise. First, my hands are once again starting to get deathly cold when I knit, and two, the sun is starting to set so early I have to be home at noon to take any sort of reasonable pictures of knitted stuff.

That’s ok because yesterday morning it was snowing outside when I woke up 🙂 Snow makes everything better even when it melts straight away.


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