Welcome Home

11 Nov

So I just stopped knitting for around three weeks, while me and the boyfriend moved back to our old place. Moving always takes up all of my energy and concentration for two weeks before and after.

It’s good to be back. The flat we were at for the duration of a renovation here was pretty drab. We were there for only three months so we only had the most necessary furniture with us and I never really felt at home. All my knitting stuff was stored in boxes for that time and so it wasn’t easy to get at it… In short, it wasn’t the most inspiring of places.

I was greeted with some surprises when coming back. Like I said, we didn’t take all of our stuff with us because moving everything just for the sake of three months and then back again seemed silly (at the time). Turns out three months is a pretty long time comparatively speaking, and I for one had forgotten about half  the stuff I left behind. I really didn’t need it. Some of it simply felt unnecessary when we came back here.

I’ve been trying to haul stuff to thrift stores ever since. I began this process even before we moved away but apparently it takes a few gos before you can let go of some things. At the same time I’ve pretty much totally reorganized everything and come up with more practical solutions to where we keep stuff. It’s taken longer than normally. Now order is starting to emerge from the chaos (I know, I’m battling against the natural order of things) and that order brings me peace of mind. Today I find my interest captured by knitting stuff again.

One thing I was surprised I had forgotten about was some of my stash… Well, most of it I remember and not with fondness: I have a huge pile of left-over yarn that I simply don’t want to work with. And while it’s not huge for someone else, it certainly is for me. Now that I went three months without even once wanting to get my hands on any of the stuff in that pile, I think I’m ready to let it all go. To the thrift store it is with the lot.

But what I was really surprised to find was that, for some reason, I had left behind 800 g Cannes from Novita. It’s a bamboo/cotton/viscose blend I bought just before we moved away. It feels cool and sleek to the touch, and seems like it has good drape. I remember thinking of knitting a well-fitted cardigan with it, and that still seems like a great idea. I want to let the idea sit at the back of my mind for a while and search for patterns without hurrying, and start knitting when some pattern I come across is simply irresistible.


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