Oooohh… I See!

15 Nov

That’s what I keep saying when I read Debbie Stoller’s newest, Stitch ‘n Bitch  Superstar Knitting.

At first I wasn’t going to buy it because I already have tons of knitting technique books. Those are the ones I never open. Then I read someone’s comment saying that it doesn’t only have the basics of the techniques, but little tips and tricks as well to make them really work.

Add to that the horrible back pains I’ve been having for a few days, and the consequent bad mood I’ve been in (I keep imagining what my life would be like if these pains didn’t go away…), and a new book by the author who first got me excited about knitting seemed like the perfect thing to lift my spirits.

So I bought it today, and have been reading for half an hour now. And it’s a testament to how much I’ve liked what I’ve read so far that I had to stop and come write about it straight away.

When I was on page 5, I had already learned three new things that will definitely make my knitting tidier in the future. But what really amazed me was what I learned about intarsia in the next pages.

I never really “got” intarsia. I’ve never done anything but puckering, horrible intarsia. I couldn’t understand how people do it. Seeing the backside of an intarsia work used to baffle my mind: how do people do it without having tons of ends to weave in afterwards? How can you do that without carrying the yarn along in the back?

Well, today I found out why I have never been able to do intarsia. The reason is this… *drum roll*

you can’t do intarsia in the round.

Not really.

And that’s the only way I’ve ever tried to do it.

That’s why it never dawned on me, before now, that you actually knit back and forth with the different colors, and that’s why you don’t get tons of yarn ends by the time you’re finished.

I knew there had to be some reason for my total and abject failure with intarsia. With every other technique I’ve tried, I might stumble in the beginning, but I always get better. Not so with intarsia. Turns out I was doing it wrong. This is awesome: a new world is opening up before me.

I will now get back to my book. It’s promising to say the least.


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