Knotty Gloves

17 Nov

I’ve accumulated quite a few WIPs. What’s worse is that they’re that most difficult kind of WIPs to conquer: things which have identical pairs.

There are my hat-heel toe socks, my Bird and Vine mitts (Ravelry link) and my Space Invaders Converti-Mittens (another Ravelry link), and up until a couple of days ago, my Knotty gloves as well.

Yes, it’s true: I finished something.

Pattern: Knotty, published in Laris Designs

Yarn: Araucania Ranco Solid (100 g = 344 m), 52 g

Colorway: 107

Needles: 2,5 mm

These gloves were the perfect example of what happens if you don’t cast on straight away for the other mitten/glove/sock/whatever when you finish the first. And also the perfect example of why it’s a good idea to knit both at the same time, or so I’ve been told. I’ve never tried that because I’ve never liked knitting anything small in the round. Double pointed needles are so much easier for me. For one thing (and this, for me, is enough to stick to dpn’s) I don’t get ladders between needles when using them.

These knitted up quickly: one glove took me two evenings. Another reason to wonder why it was 4 months before I started knitting the other glove… Oh well! Onwards.

I achieved that rarest of things with these gloves: a thumb with no extra holes.

See? I even took a picture, I’m so proud. Those pesky holes around the thumb and in between the other fingers have always been the weak point of all my mittens and gloves. I’m starting to get the hang of making them disappear, but it seems to have as much to do with luck as with anything.  Well, ok, I think it also has a lot to do with thin yarn and small needle size, and patching up things afterwards with a tapestry needle.

Well, whatever the reason, these gloves are perhaps the neatest ones I ever knitted. The gauge is even throughout, and the cables are tidy. Self-congratulatory much? Well, I’m just pleased, is all.

I’ve worn these gloves for a couple of days now, and have noticed two things about the cables on the wrist.

First, you never see them. No one except me will ever see them. They’re so low on the wrist, they’re underneath my jacket sleeves all the time.

But I don’t mind because (second) their placement is ingenious. The cables make the fabric at that point a lot less stretchy, which ensures that the gloves stay put.

The long cuff is also great. Usually I don’t have a lot of patience for knitting long cuffs, so my wrists tend to be cold. Making the simple but pretty cables took my mind off the fact that I was, in fact, knitting those dreaded cuffs, and now I get to enjoy the benefits.

So. I now only have to finish two pairs of mitt(en)s and a pair of socks. There’s also Christmas knitting to think about… Now, which do I do first? The selfish knitter in me insists I knit something for myself first. The sensible knitter in me says Giftmas knitting is much more fun when you’re not doing it at the last moment. The realist knitter in me says I’ll probably knit whatever, and see what comes out of it come Christmas eve.


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