This yarn is surprisingly green

22 Nov

The next time the nice lady at the LYS says to me I should look at a yarn in daylight because the color is quite bright and the light in the shop might distort it, I’m going to follow her advice.

This time I didn’t, and ended up withthis. That picture doesn’t quite capture this particular shade of green – the color is dulled down – and I’m only providing a link instead of a picture because no matter how hard I tried, my camera couldn’t quite get it right, either.

In the shop it looked like a beautiful, deep turquoise with bits of blue mixed in. I did bring it up to the window, where it looked like a beautiful, light turquoise. But just as soon as I was on my way home and really looked at the yarn in the light of day, I realized I had bought a skein of yarn that was one of the two colors I just don’t like: magenta and this particular shade of green.

I can’t return it, because the only problem with it is in my head, and I can’t exchange it for another skein because the only other color they had left was magenta.

I only have myself to blame.

I can’t be the first one to make this mistake, but it stings, if only because of the steep price (for a student at least). A new skein always holds such promise and hope. This time the hope was short-lived.

Maybe I can tone down the color with another, less, um, vibrant one. Also, now that I’m looking at what other people have made with this shade of this yarn, it doesn’t look half bad anymore. As a fabric, it doesn’t pop quite as much. Hmm…

Maybe it’s just a matter of adjusting my perception of the color. This shade isn’t similar to the green of nuclear waste à la the Simpsons – it’s a brighter version of jade. I’m down with some self-deception.

What is that? A twinkling new-born flame of hope?


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