More knitting accessories

23 Nov

Just a few more things and then I’m done with sewing for a while, I swear.

Today I made this simple notions bag with a see-through front. I had trouble with the back of the bag because my sewing machine messes up the lower thread, and I had to fix the back seams by hand. It only just now occured to me to google this problem.I had even more trouble for the past three days when I used two new materials (fake leather and the same plastic for a see through front) to make this bigger notions bag.This one taught me to rip out seams and try again. I was surprised how easy the fake leather was to sew, but I had trouble with the consruction from start to finish. Once again it was because I didn’t think ahead. I just wanted to finish something quickly, and by the time I had spent countless fruitless hours try-trying again, I was so invested that I had to see it through. No matter what the results.

And I think the fake leather and the lining are so cool, that the bag is pretty nice despite the shoddy details.

And last, my third (and so far, my best) circular needle case. This time it folds two times, and I also managed to fix all the other problems I had with my two first ones.

It has 24 pockets, 8 and 7 cm wide, 10 cm high. I haven’t decided on the method of closing yet, although velcro at least is not a possibility at this point.

Now it’s back to the sewing machine.


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