Knitting Bowl

16 Jan

I bought some clay and made a knitting bowl.

I didn’t remember that working with that type of clay is hard work and difficult in lots of ways. I battled it for a few days (at the end of which my hands and arms were very achy), until I finally succeeded in creating something vaguely bowl-shaped by lining a glass bowl with the clay.

I’m actually pretty attached to this little bowl now. I’ll have to get some more paint for another coat.

I gave it a test run this weekend, and it works like a dream. I was actually pretty surprised how nicely the balls rolled in the bowl, and how well the weight of the clay kept the bowl put. The yarn would always give before the bowl would move even if I really tugged at the yarn. It’d be even better if I had another bowl, and I might just make another… once I forget how painful kneading the clay was.

I’m knitting a few pairs of socks right now (in the picture the first of my pair of Dizzys). I also tried my hand at needle tatting during the Christmas break, and I did a lot more Christmas knitting than I had anticipated. I’ll get back to those topics later.


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