I Don’t Travel Just to Buy Yarn – I Swear

24 Jan

My favorite local yarn shop (Taito Lappi)  isn’t all that local to me. It’s in the wonderful town of Rovaniemi, a 2,5 hour train ride away. The reason that place is remarkable to me is this: if you ask them, they’ll halve 100 g skeins of Ohut Pirkkalanka from Pirkanmaan kotityö. It’s a light fingering 100 % wool yarn and comes in marvellous colors. And I just can’t justify buying it at 8 €/100 g.

I figure, hey, I only need 50 g of two colors to make myself a cool pair of stranded color work socks or mittens. If I buy two whole skeins, 50 g of both would be left-over yarn. That’s why every time I visit Rovaniemi, I have to pop into that shop to get me some Pirkkalanka goodness (they do sell it in shops closer to me).

And for some reason, whenever I buy yarn for socks or hand or headwear, I usually go for turquoise or mustard yellow with brown. I try to like other color combinations, but these ones just captivate me, and nothing else seems as inspiring. I try to tell myself the contrast between these colors isn’t always all that good, but still… I must have the turquoise and brown. Oh, how I love turquoise yarn. Oh, how I love Taito Lappi and their skein halving policies.


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