I Can Cancan

26 Jan

I made myself proud and used some left over yarn for this pair of mitts. I have some real problems using left over yarn – not because for a lack of suitable patterns, but because I get bored with yarn oh so very easily. I also always buy way too much yarn for any given project. I’m hoping that trend is now ending so that I won’t end up with stash beyond life expectancy…

Pattern: CanCans

Yarn: Ranco Solid from Araucania

Colorway: 107

I needed a quick gift, so I made the short cuffed version of the pattern. The pattern was one of those great ones: everything fits together, there’s nothing missing and nothing extra.

Once I comprehended the instructions for the left twist, I vowed never to do crossed stitches in any other way again. (The pattern says  “Knit 2nd stitch through the back loop, leave on the left needle. Knit 1st stitch and slip both stitches off the left needle.” and I kept reading “K2tog through the back loop, …” and that didn’t work at all.) This way of crossing stitches was so simple, so fast, so much better than switching the positions of the stitches before knitting them.



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