Brain Slugs Are Our Friends

10 Feb

Hermes: [monotonous] I suggest we all go to the Brain Slug planet.
Zoidberg: What do we do there?
Hermes: [monotonous] Just walk around, not wearing a helmet.

Yep, it’s time to switch to a garlic shampoo – the invasion has begun.

After my happy experience crocheting Nibbler, it was only natural I continue to this other great Futurama pattern from the same designer:

Pattern: Brain Slugs

Published in: Hook and Needles

Yarn: Flip Flop from Novita (bulky, 100 g = 125 m)

Hook: 4,5 mm


It was an easy and quick project, and a great way to really hammer home the difference between single, half-double, double and triple crochet (those were used to create the ruffles slime).

I’m not happy with the big brain slug’s eye because I couldn’t get the white to lay totally flat and it bulges in the middle. Originally I was going to use white wool and needle felt the eye, but had to crochet it when it turned out I hadn’t bought any white wool despite really making an effort to do so.

I can rip out the eye (there’s a nice image) and do it over anytime, but I probably wont. It looks fine from a couple of meters away. And you wouldn’t want to get any closer than that to a brain slug anyway, right?

This small brain slug has chosen its spot well. It clings onto our fridge, preying on anyone who is foolish enough to approach without a helmet on. It took two magnets to get it to stay up because the yarn I used was so thick. Sewing the magnets while they were trying to stick to the needle was interesting. They kept slipping out, but I beat them into submission in the end.

I love Ravelry (I don’t think I’ve mentioned that lately) – now because of the many great crochet patterns I’ve found there since I made these guys. I went through my stash a couple of days ago, and found I have the yarn to crochet this Portal Companion Cube… and enough light fingering yarn to knit a Thermal.

I like it when I actually have to choose what I’m going to do next out of many contenders, as it’s usually a sign I’m feeling inspired and haven’t had a lot of failures recently. I’ve wanted to knit the Thermal for two years now, so it won, and I’ve been knitting it for a couple of evenings. I don’t think I will forget about crochet again, though.



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