Crazy Zauberball

6 Mar

is crazy…

This is a shawl called Mizzle, available on Ravelry, and I’m knitting it with the Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball (color way 1660 or ombre, if I’m deciphering the ball band correctly) I bought yesterday.

I started knitting it yesterday, and first the colors looked pretty nice actually. Then we watched Pirates of the  Caribbean – At the world’s end, and I kept knitting in the dark (this pattern is nice and easy, and suitable for movie knitting). When the lights came back on, I saw the crazy.

Well, I’m sure it’ll work out ok in the end. Shawls always look funky before they’re blocked anyway, and, uh. I’m sure I’ll get used to the colors. It just looked so different in the ball.

For future reference, I think the yarn would work better as stockinette stitch. I think it’s the purl rows that make the whole thing look a bit busy at the moment.

The yarn itself is simply a joy to work with.


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