Stash additions and chart keeper fun

22 Aug

Ah, travel. It broadens the mind, and the stash.

Bf I went for a few days’ trip to Helsinki, our fair capital, and Tampere. I’d scouted out a few yarn shops I wanted to visit especially in Helsinki, and so we went to Lankamaailma Nordia, which turned out to be the best yarn shop ever! Anywhere!

And it was huge! Yeah, I just filled my exclamation point quota. Yes, I was very impressed, or rather, overwhelmed by the place. I spent two hours there wondering around with my mouth hanging open, while bf patiently sat and read magazines.

I did finally make a couple of purchases.

I only bought the Trekking Hand Art Flamé from Zitron (on the left) and the gray Kunstgarn from Hjertegarn. The four balls of Raggegarn from Gjestal (two pictured) were thrown in to sweeten the deal. They had a thing going where if you bought something for over 5 euros, you got enough yarn for a pair of socks for free. The choice was between the Raggegarn and some acrylic yarn. Nice.

The brown yarn on the right is some Finnish wool (Karstalanka 140 TEX x 2 from Pirtin kehräämö) I bought at Tampere.

I got four balls of the Raggegarn in all, because bf bought me the best thing ever. The store had a nice selection of KnitPro stuff, including this one chart keeper.

Here it is doing an amazing job of keeping track of which row I’m on.

Before I tried this thing for the first time, I had no idea how much time I waste making sure I’m where I think I am when I read a chart. I used to keep charts on the table and have another paper laying over the chart, but I’m never sure I haven’t accidentally moved it. Hence all the countless moments spent squinting at the chart and squinting at my knitting, just to make sure. That has completely stopped with the chart keeper.

Also, no more coffee circles and sammich crumbs on my charts, which, by the time I finish an object, look pretty ratty. Also, it’s far easier to read a chart when it’s held up like this. Also, this thing works perfectly on a desk, in bed, in my lap and in the train.

Negatives: the smaller size that I have is juuust a tiny bit too small for a regular A4. The chart keeper also came with a really crappy pen. I suppose its purpose is to point out that look, there’s a pen holder there! Oh well.

Here’s the Fair Isle sock I started knitting from the Raggegarn and some black Novita Katja. Worsted weight socks are so delightfully quick to knit.


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