Reclaimed Yarn

17 Oct

I’ve been wanting to knit another sweater for a while now (never mind that I’m already knitting a sweater. I want to knit some other sweater!) However, in case you didn’t know, yarn costs a lot of money, and sweaters take up a lot of yarn. So no sweaters for me, no sirree. I was only able to buy the yarn for the sweater I’m making now because I happened to see some Red Heart acrylic yarn in a grocery store about a year ago. Red Heart is cheap to begin with, but this yarn was also on sale.

Well anyway. I’ve been reading about people reclaiming yarn from thrift store sweaters, and decided I wouldn’t lose much if I gave it a go.

Here’s the shirt I bought. Cost me 3 euros. It’s 40 % cotton, 30 % viscose, 20 % nylon and 10 % angora… Weird, I know! It would’ve fitted me otherwise as it was, but the neck hole was too small.

Before I went to the thrift store, I looked up what type of seams work for unraveling sweaters, and so I was able to spot that this sweater had the perfect type of seams. Yay!

Here it is, blown up. Seeing the pieces laid out like this finally drove home for me the fact that sleeves really take up *a lot* of yarn, and are nearly as a big a part of a project than the front and back pieces.

Here’s some of the yarn rolled up into balls… I ended up with quite a lot of short pieces because I was impatient with cutting the seams… oops.

Next step! Turn those balls into hanks,  and wash them, and dry them, to straighten out the kinks.

All dry now. And all that’s left is balling the yarn again…

Into something like this.

All of the yarn is dry now, so all that’s left is balling it up… After that I’ll know how much usable yarn I gained from the whole process.

The whole thing takes up a lot of time. A LOT. You wouldn’t believe how much time. But if you have more time than money, this is definitely something to think about. And then again, holy timesuck Batman… I would definitely recommend only buying sweaters made of nice materials for this purpose. Seriously.



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