A Feeling of Joy

18 Oct

I’m all done harvesting yarn for the first time from a thrift store sweater, and I have pictures because it did happen.

In all, the sweater labeled “A Feeling of Joy” yielded me 226 g of brown,  11 g of beige and 12 g of red cotton blend yarn.

If my calculations are correct, 100 g of the yarn = 750 m, so I have around 1695 m of the brown yarn. If and when I knit something with it, I’ll of course round that figure downwards. I’m hoping I have enough for a vest of some sort.

The weight is closer to lace than fingering weight, based on randomly clicking lace  and light fingering weight yarns on Ravelry and seeing how many meters they get per 100 g. It’s 23 wpi (wraps per inch), which also fits lace weight.

All of this translates into yay, I’ll get to design my own vest if I want to knit one with this yarn since I’m not seeing appropriate patterns. I think I’ll stash the yarn for a while, partly because yesterday I saw it written somewhere that there’s only 60 some odd days until Christmas. Shock! Horror! I got stuff to do before then!


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