Never to be Incinerated

29 Dec

Lookit! I made my brother a Portal Companion Cube for Christmas!

I used Novita 7 veljestä for the sides and the bumpers, and Novita Isoveli for the hearts.

I’ll share the story of it, as constructed from my notes (it took me months to finish this thing).

This was “only” one of those projects that you plan for so long, and you dream about it, and you can’t wait and you’re nervous and giddy and more nervous, and finally the day comes and you start doing it, and it’s tedious and amg it’ll never end, and what the heck possessed me to do this and won’t someone put me out of my misery? And then it’s done! However, the thought of possibly delighting my brother with this was more than enough to keep me going ^^ I know I gripe about this stuff, but honestly, I kind of like it when I have to struggle and work hard to get something crafty done.

It started out as a million little pieces.

A billion million pieces. This part was actually easy, because I didn’t get the whole yet, I didn’t comprehend the sheer stupendous amount of weaving in ends I’d have to tackle to get this done. How, I’ll never know, because just look at the amount of yarn ends in this picture. Every one of those had to be weaved in. Also, I was naive and ignorant of just how difficult it is to make something square with your own little hands.

The pattern warns you that it’ll take forever and a day to crochet all the little pieces, but no, that part was quick and painless.

The pain began as I started assembling all the side and corner bumpers from the little pieces. I realized my fallible crochet skills were going to yield me shapes that weren’t going to be angular or pristine, at least not easily. So I blocked each and every one of those itty bitty pieces.

There were more pieces, and some pretty ferocious blocking when I realized all my side pieces were 18 cm x 15 cm, and weren’t going to be assembled into a cube without some serious intervention.

And I arrived, half beaten into submission, somewhat convinced of my impending doom, at this point, where the project halted for like a month:

See, by now I knew that the advice in the pattern to fill the thing at least partly with something sturdy yet soft was some real sound advice.

So after a break during which I almost finished a shawl for SO’s mom, I finally found something that might just work – it was seriously difficult to get my hands on the foam pads used in the pattern.  This stuff I found was too thin to work as pieces lining the sides of the cube, so I went instead to fill up the whole thing. It’d be more sturdy and have some weight to it – heck, the whole thing is called the Weighted Companion Cube. I used some of the white filling stuff, the name of which I forget or possibly never even knew, because it seemed like a good idea.

And then I sewed it all up, and did a little dance, because I was so close to being done.


I turned the thing on its side only to notice that it’s significantly wider than it’s high.

That’s a problem if you’re trying to achieve a cubic shape.

See, you reach a state of complete zen-like calmness at some point in a project. So very very calmly, I ripped out one seam, stuffed in some more of the blue stuff and sewed it back up again.

Then I weaved in juuusst a few more ends and ta-dah!

It was cubic! It was perfect! A perfectly square Companion Cube!

This was a triumph! I’m making a note here: huge success.

Unfortunately it was squeezed by some hands before I could gift it, so it wasn’t *as* cubic anymore when my brother got it. I suppose that if it gets all flattened out, I could fix it by adding more filling. After all that trouble, I’m more than willing to repair any damage. I’m happy to report that my brother was indeed happy with it 🙂


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