Executive Level Sweater Decisions

9 Feb

Decision making time: as instructed in the Scoop Pullover pattern, I’ve knitted 14,5″ after dividing for the armholes, and I’m not sure whether to bind off or to continue on.

The hem sits right in the middle of my hip. Normally I like my shirts to be longer but this one looks surprisingly good as it is. The problem is that every sweater I’ve ever knitted, ever, has soon stretched out and shortened in use. I would like to one day knit even one sweater that doesn’t do that! Or rather, is so long it doesn’t matter when it inevitably does that.

The reason why I’m humming and hawing is that the yarn I’m using is incredibly heavy, and I might soon end up with a dress instead of a sweater if I do continue knitting. Well, at least stretching length-wise would be a welcome change…


Also, I don’t know how long I want the sleeves to be. I actually don’t like the sleeve look in the original on myself, at least I don’t think I do. They’d either have to be way shorter or straight up 3/4 sleeves. I don’t know!

…It just occurred to me it might help me to find a way to take reliable pictures of myself wearing this thing. The mirror lies but pictures don’t. At least not in the same way. Yes, (something close to) the truth will be revealed tomorrow.


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