I, Test Knitter

22 Feb

I joined a group on Ravelry where designers and test knitters can meet, and patterns get test knitted for the prize of a free pattern. At first I was nervous about signing up for a test knit because I have trouble with deadlines. But when I had some free time coming up and the I found a quickish project, I jumped at the chance, and got to test knit the Ardys Vest (which doesn’t have a pattern page yet, so nothing to link to at the moment, unfortunately).

I loved it! It was like a more structured knit-along, with responsibility attached to it so I was motivated to finish it.

The pattern I got to test knit is a fitted vest with a slip stitch cable pattern running along the front edges.

It’s knitted with aran weight yarn and the patter calls for4 mm needles, so it’s a quick knit. I actually had to go up to 6 mm to get gauge. Apparently I knit tightly – either that or my yarn was on the light side of aran. I used 7 veljestä from Novita, and found a completely new side to it. With the larger gauge I got a soft and airy fabric, instead of the hard and kind of scratchy one I’m more used to.

It was such a beautiful, sunny day today, so the SO and I stepped out into the balcony to take pictures. I haven’t had a vest before but I gotta tell you, I love this garment. It’s just warm enough on a day like this. Obviously I need more vests to wear with all my shirts.

I suppose I wasn’t yet the best test knitter of them all because other testers noticed things I hadn’t noticed. I didn’t read the pattern literally enough but instead just followed it like I would any other pattern. But I think this is one of those things you just have to learn. I’ll probably want to test knit something else as well at some point, it was such a nice experience.

I’ve read that this is a good idea, so I steam blocked the vest before knitting the rib borders on the fronts and the arm holes. It made a real difference and I had no problems with picking up and knitting the border stitches. I know it sounds incredible but I swear on my stash.

One more picture! I just love my grin in this one. That? Is a happy knitter.


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