I See You Rolling – I Be Hating

25 Feb

I’m knitting this cool colorwork cowl called Nevermore (a Ravelry link).

The yarns I’m using are simply gorgeous, if I do say so myself. They’re Heritage from Cascade Yarns and Trekking Hand Art Flamé from Zitron – both from the most Preciousssss layer of my stash. They just feel so nice together, and both are a joy to work with. *sigh*

But the cowl rolls like nobody’s business. It’s like the crocodile death-roll: highly undesirable. There were rows of garter stitch and then there were rows of ribbing and it still rolls. Wah. I’m knitting this thing, and it’s got about 200 stitches or some such, and I’m using 2,5 mm needles… After all that work, I want to hear nothing about rolling stockinette stitch. And rolling doesn’t block away – the rational part of my brain knows that.

But I’ll still probably keep going because I can’t face ripping back now. Not now when it’s just started to get interesting.


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