29 Apr

I went to a craft fair at Rovaniemi, and the haul was pretty good! 🙂

I got five bamboo circular needles for 1 € each. For that price, they seem pretty awesome. The cables are very soft and bendy and the joins are very smooth. Of course I fully expect them to snap into pieces the moment I try to knit with them, but if not, then  I call this a win. They’re sizes 2; 2,25; 2,75; 3,25 and 3,5 and 40 cm long.

I had a few goals in mind when I went to the fair, and I achieved one of them: beads I think should be ok for knitting. So purty. They’re glass beads with a metal center. 

In the impulse buy category, I got me some buttons that might work for the alpaca cardigan I’m planning on knitting. If not, no biggie. Some day, I’ll find a way to use these… 

and these. The polka dot ones are plastic, but these are wood and seem kind of nice, actually.

And last, but not least, I got me some Finnish sheep wool that’s been prepared and is ready to be spun. I’m not feeling like I’ll get ’round to that any time soon, but it feels nice to have the fiber at hand. I also don’t have a spindle, though. A while back I made some myself but honestly, they’re more trouble than fun. I’d rather just wait until I can afford to buy one.

In all, it was a successful outing 🙂

Also, earlier I saw a leather pencil scroll thing in a cute little boutique and thought it would be perfect for taking a small stash of needles on the go. I don’t like the idea of taking my entire needle stash with me all at once (what if they got lost… the horror…) so often when I’m out of town, I’ll end up with only one set of needles and no project to work on because of that.

Problem solved. Besides, it’s yellow on the outside and pink inside – d’awww how cute is that 🙂 There are four compartments and they just happen to be the perfect length for dpn’s and wide enough for circulars.



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