I Should Be Cleaning

4 May

I’m not a very organized cleaner and often get distracted by the things I’m trying to tidy or arrange. If I start cleaning the kitchen cupboards, it’s pretty likely I just end up baking something. Rearranging the bookshelves deteriorates into sitting on the floor and leafing through books or getting sucked into reading a comic… And now, dusting turned into arranging my Knitting Notions Box.

I found some tools and things in there that aren’t really needed on a daily basis (a stack of yarn ball bands, a magnetic pincushion I thought would be awesome that I have never used etc.), and decided to move them into my Knitting Notions Drawer.

My stash has layers and this I have always known. But today, looking at the stash set-of-drawers that’s spilled over a long while ago, I understood that the layers are the reason why it keeps invading new areas in the apartment. In fact I would say I have several separate stashes that I’ve used up and spat out, leaving only the unsavory bits.

Different stashes don’t mix in my world, so when a new chapter somehow begins in my knitting life, I find a new place to stash. Somehow the presence of old yarn would take away some of the shiny of the new yarn.

If you were to remove all the parts of my stash that are just the bones of old stashes, what would be left would be a tiny amount of yarn. Not even a stash, really – a stashlette at most. That’s why I have a lot of yarn but nothing to knit.



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