First Real Spindle and Fiber

17 May

The postman brought my package. Fortunately I happened to be home and heard him ring the doorbell, and was just fast enough in getting to the door to catch him going down the stairs. Success!

Bluefaced Leicester fiber in oatmeal (100 g) and Schacht Hi-Lo spindle (62,4 g)

And the wool… The wool. I’m seriously far more giddy and happy than I expected, I’m all-out grinning here, I feel like laughing out loud out of sheer happiness 😀 Because the wool… It just feels so nice. I’ve been spinning this Finnish sheep wool that’s fantastic of course, but it hasn’t been processed as far so it’s far closer to its natural state than this top of Bluefaced Leicester I now got. There are some bits of hay in it, and lots of lanolin, and it just feels scratchier and not as nice as this BFL.

When I turn the spindle (a Schacht Hi-Lo) in my hands it feels like it wants to spin. I’m very happy that it promises to be both top and bottom whorl, so I can try both ways of spinning. Although of course I have no way of knowing whether it’s actually any good for either technique. But I have faith 😀

I wonder how many things I’ll have to relearn once I get to using this. I’m thinking I probably should spin the rest of the Finnish sheep wool using my DIY spindle so it’ll stay consistent. But delaying gratification makes it all the more sweeter, right?

I also realized that I have been neglecting making mom’s mother’s day gift because I’ve been spinning 😦 It’s already late, but that’s just more reason to get it done post-haste. Things have been crazy with work and my seminar thesis and finishing up my Bachelor’s degree and what not, but I still feel a bit bad now about using any energy I had left over for crafting on spinning rather than the gift. I just think she deserves to be pampered.

One last thing: my third batch of the Finnish sheep wool is again better than the last one: I have the same amount of inconsistencies in the thicknesses of the singles, but now the singles are much more defined. It feels much harder (still not scratchy or anything, just not completely fluffy anymore).

I’m dreaming of knitting a Baktus with my very first handspun, just because you can decide exactly how much yarn you want that pattern to use up. And I’m starting to dream of gifting people with my handspun 😛 Once I’m sufficiently good at it. Oh my. I like this stuff.


2 Responses to “First Real Spindle and Fiber”

  1. weekend knitter May 27, 2012 at 02:14 #

    I really feel your pain with neglecting the knitting of your mom’s gift for the spinning. LOL! I know I shouldn’t laugh….it’s your mom and I know you want to pamper her…but I really get it. Spinning is so mesmerizing, isn’t it?

    • bamboo#1 May 27, 2012 at 09:30 #

      It is! It’s so strange! At this point it might be just the shiny, new thing. I don’t think I’m going to forever neglect my knitting because of it. But yeah, it is so inviting. Easy to pick up where you left off, easy to see results fast.

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