Look, It’s Actual Handspun!

20 May

I finished spinning my first 60 g of Finnish sheep wool, and wound it all up in a hank.

It looks so much nicer as a hank 🙂

I took all the bits of yarn I spun and wound them in a hank from the oldest to the newest, loosely tying the ends together when I got to them. I want to wind this up to a ball and then knit from the oldest to the newest, so I get a good idea of how the things I did differently along the way will affect the knitted fabric. Also, I’m looking forward to knitting better and better yarn as I get further in the ball 🙂

I estimated the yardage I got by measuring round my swift and counting the number of loops around it: it’s 60 g = 95 m (103 yards). I’m not even going to try counting wraps per inch because there’s so much variation through the yarn, but I guesstimate this is mostly somewhere around DK or worsted.

I still have my heart set on knitting a Baktus with it, but that’ll have to wait until I get this pesky seminar thesis thing done… Also, at that point it’ll be June and a 100 % wool scarf might not be #1 on my list of things to knit rite nao.


2 Responses to “Look, It’s Actual Handspun!”

  1. weekend knitter May 27, 2012 at 02:12 #

    Beautiful handspun you got there! And it’s your first too? You did a wonderful job on that!

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